30kg box of mixed Frozen Raw Dog Food

We dispatch on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s only. We deliver the next working day. We ask all customers that they are at home to receive your delivery. If you cannot be at home to receive your delivery we ask that a note is added to your order at checkout stating where to leave your order. The courier company cannot re-deliver due to the contents of your order being raw frozen food.


Create your own 30kg box of mixed frozen raw dog food
Choose your own combination of items to create your own box

1kg = 2.21 lbs
2kg = 4.41 lbs
3kg = 6.61 lbs
4kg = 8.82 lbs

All Locally sourced from within Northern Ireland
Minimum total weight must be at least 30kg
Store frozen and thaw in a fridge before feeding
Use within 3 days of opening
Will last 12 months if kept frozen


  • Choose your frozen raw dog food: *

    1lb Kidneys – 1 Kidney + 3.50
    850G Chicken Hearts + 8.00
    1kg Chicken Feet + 6.50
    1kg Raw Rabbit Pieces + 8.40
    2kg Raw Sprats + 9.19
    2kg Raw Chicken Minced + 6.60
    2kg Raw Beef & Tripe Minced + 6.60
    2kg Raw Beef Minced + 7.50
    2kg Raw Beef & Chicken Minced + 6.60
    2kg Raw Chicken & Tripe Minced + 6.60
    2kg Raw Green Tripe Minced + 6.60
    2kg Raw Beef, Chicken & Tripe Minced + 6.60
    2kg Raw Beef & Duck Minced + 7.50
    2kg Raw Duck & Tripe Minced + 7.50
    7.5kg Raw White Fish Minced + 28.75
    7.5kg Raw Salmon Dog Food Minced + 31.50

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Create your own box of frozen raw dog food!

Choose from numerous varieties including raw chicken, raw beef, raw rabbit, raw venison, raw tripe, raw duck, dog bones and raw salmon dog food.

Select a minimum of 30kg and they will be packed in a freezer box and shipped out to you!