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Nutts About Pets Ltd – Premium Quality Dog Food

Nutts about Pets Ltd was created in 2004 by Basil Thompson on his family’s small holding in Tattynure, near Omagh in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Since then we have developed a proud reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy source for your dog food. We are a highly successful specialist dog food business that provides top quality premium dog food, cat food and accessories to dog owners and breeders across the island of Ireland and the UK.
Our dog food is used by UK and Irish Champions, need we say more!

In 2016 we expanded our dog food to include the Ambassador® range. This range incorporates the super premium Ambassador Grain Free dog food which is the best VETERINARY APPROVED grain free dog food for your dog or puppy. It has a high meat content with a minimum of 50%, is rich in B vitamins (using sweet potato) and is well balanced in important Omega 3 & 6.  It is recommended for use if your dog has an intolerance to grain as it is completely grain free and contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. There are 13 different varieties to choose from including Salmon, Venison, Tuna, Chicken, Duck, Haddock, Trout and Turkey. There is also a low fat grain free dog food for overweight dogs, a grain free puppy food and a grain free dog food for senior or older dogs. We sell our Ambassador Grain Free dog food in 12kg bags for larger breed dogs and puppies and in 6kg bags for small breed dogs and you get FREE DELIVERY on all of them!

We also have Ambassador Hypoallergenic dog food. It has a high meat content and is rich in salmon oil and Omega 3 & 6. For adult dogs there is Duck & Rice, Lamb & Rice, and Salmon & Rice varieties to choose from. There is also a Puppy & Junior Chicken and Rice variety specifically for puppies and young dogs. The Ambassador Hypoallergenic dog food range comes sealed in a foil bag to maintain freshness and preserve the vitamin and mineral content. It is available in either 2.25Kg or 12Kg bags and also comes with FREE DELIVERY!

If your dog is a very active working dog like a greyhound, sheep dog, gun dog or agility dog then we have our NUTTS SpeedRite® dog food range. This has a higher protein content and includes our very popular Field and Trial 24% and Field and Trial 19% Maintenance varieties. We also have a Speedrite® range for greyhounds which comprises SpeedRite® Sapling, SpeedRite® Racer and SpeedRite® Gold. All are available in large 15Kg bags with FREE DELIVERY if you buy two or more bags!

Our standard dog food, NUTTS, comes in a variety of flavours including Chicken, Beef, Beef Crunch and Gold Muesli Mix. They are all exceptional value for money and come in 2Kg, 9Kg or 15Kg bags. We also make premium, quality Puppy food and Cat food which is available in 8Kg bags.

We have also introduced a new dog food for active, working dogs like sheep dogs or gun dogs called Worker Complete. It comes in 15Kg bags and is fantastic value for money and there are 3 different types available – Worker Complete, Worker Complete Nut and Worker Complete Mix.

Our dog food comes in dry nut (or kibble) style and is a premium quality complete dog food and cat food. It is made to the highest standard using only the finest, premium, quality ingredients and you get free delivery if you order 2 or more 15Kg bags online!

All our dog food is clearly labelled with its composition and ingredients and exceeds all standards required for dog food. They are all 100% complete dog foods and are suitable for all breeds of working or sporting dogs.

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